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Several authorities require certification of information before it is submitted for the relevant purpose.

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) makes it mandatory for specified businesses like property developers and owner’s societies to certify their accounts or expenditure. The work is carried out through an associate, for providing services under one roof to the client.

Banks need KYC (know-your-customer) information. The requirements are becoming increasingly stringent where now the auditor has to specify the date since when he knows the person, the date when he has physically seen the original documents that he is certifying to be a true copy and the date when he has personally met the person whose documents are being certified.

The ministry of labor and social affairs needs a certificate on timely payment of salaries to staff when disputes arise.

The authorities registering companies need auditor’s certificate to ensure that the required share capital is covered by sufficient assets where share capital is introduced in kind and not in cash.

Some consulates and embassies require provision of an auditor’s certificate of income or wealth to grant visas or to grant access to similar benefits.

Some charitable institutions or the social welfare wing of the government often insists on an auditor’s certificate to ascertain or verify that a business person is facing financial problems and deserves preferential treatment for medical treatment or education of children or such other philanthropic purpose.