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Surrogate Finance Manager

Small and medium enterprises rarely have the financial wherewithal to employ a full-fledged chartered accountant or equivalent. Quite often, even if the financial means are available, the monotony of the work or the limitation to growth often sets back the financial experts in terms of job satisfaction and they eventually leave.

It is well known that such expertise is only needed for about 4 hours a month to about a day per week for such businesses, depending on the nature of their activities and the complexities of their day-to-day transactions.

Verico Auditing lends the expertise of its system implementers, analysts and auditors to such companies on a continuous basis. Rotation of the surrogate finance manager on a periodic pattern ensures that the business problems get scrutinized with a different perspective and rids the analyst of monotony leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.

Quite often, as the business grows or as the mutual understanding between the client and auditor grows, the auditor is likely to join the client on a permanent basis.