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Performance Review & Improvement

Some businesses do not need the perpetual involvement of a surrogate finance manager and only need sporadic involvement and expert opinion.

The aim is however the same. To review the performance independently with a different perspective combine with expertise and expertise and suggest out-of-the-box solutions. Sometimes, these solutions may by quite mundane and run-of-the-mill, but it does not harm to take the path well tread than risk a dynamic approach that turns out to be suicidal.

Verico Auditing provides this service in its normal course.

Sometimes, expertise is also lent for vendor selection from a shortlisted by the client. The analysis is made on technical parameters that chartered accountants are known to possess.

In some instances, assistance is provided in recruiting the right personnel for the finance function. On rare instances, interviewing expertise has also been lent to recruit technical staff or senior managerial personnel.

Quite often, expert judgment is extended to select the right software or technology for integrating the various functions of the organization.

Oracle implementation and systems audit is a regular exercise where the auditor’s role is crucial for the error free performance of the programs.