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Presenting a selection of information about the UAE for   residents as well as visitors through links to available information
Some UAE Laws Dubai – Points of Interest   Audit related information Law firms
Labour Law Grand Mosque   Verico Auditing Profile (pdf)  
Company Law Ferrari World   Simplified audit requirement (pdf)  
  Burj Khalifa   Bank Confirmation Request Letter (doc)  
  Burj Al Arab   Lawyer’s Confirmation Request (doc)  
  Mall of Emirates   Supplier’s Confirmation Request (doc)  
  Dubai Mall   Customer’s Confirmation Request (doc)  
  Wafi Mall   Stock Counting Instructions (doc)  
  Dubai Zoo   Sample Financial Statement (pdf)  
  Ras Al Khor Sanctuary      
Some Regulatory Authorities Some Newspapers   Accounting Publications Translators
RERA Gulf News   IFRS  
SCA Khaleej Times   International Auditing Standards  
  The National      
  7 Days      
  Al Bayaan      
Some Free Zones Some Banks     Recruiters