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Annual Audit     Several   statutory requirements mandate the submission of quarterly and monthly audit   reports.
Quarterly & Monthly Audit
Compliance Review (ISEA 3000) Quite often,   these reports are not only submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities, but also uploaded on websites for the benefit   of the readers of the reports in particular or the public in general.
Compliance Audit (SCA)  
Legal Accounts Opinion                  
Certification     Accounts of   companies whose shares are held by the public or of regulated businesses like   banks and share brokers are available for scrutiny on the websites of   regulatory authorities or the companies themselves.
Third Party    
Project Feasibility                  
Business Valuation   Verico auditing   provides quarterly and monthly review services.
Company Formation                  
Due Diligence & Risk Analysis The review   is conducted in accordance   with the International Standards on Review Engagements 2400, “Review of   Interim Financial Information performed by the Independent Auditor of the   Entity”.
Reconciliation, Arbitration & Settlement
Intermediate   The   preparedness of the client for a quarterly or monthly audit is essentially   the same as that of a statutory annual audit.
Supply Chain Audit  
Business Projection   Several   other audits, like the ones specified by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) are also of a similar   nature where either annual accounts or periodic statements are audited and a  report thereon submitted. This work is done through an associate who is   listed for that purpose.
Project Management  
Surrogate Finance Manager  
Performance Review & Improvement                
Accounting & Administration                
System Setup & Audit                  
Business Management                  
Management Audit