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Corporate Social Responsibility

Power efficiency Energy efficient lighting is used within the office premises
Water conservation All faucets are maintained leak free and wastage of water highly discouraged
Paper recycling (a) Single side paper is re-used for rough work and once used both ways, recycled
Paper recycling (b) Envelopes are reused – in spite of the harm it brings to a corporate image
Batteries recycling All used batteries are handed over to recycling division of municipality
Mercury – ground water leeching       CFL lamps are stored till a suitable recycling agency can be identified
Fossil fuel conservation Car pooling is encouraged between staff and with clients
Wildlife conservation Obtaining products made from wild animals is strictly prohibited
Conflict Products from areas with conflict or human despair are avoided
 Safe living  
 Driving  Seatbelts, adherance to speed limits and hands free mobiles are mandatory
 Walking  Staff is advised to refrain from jaywalking and be wary of their surroundings
 Society  On detecting suspicious activity, calling 800 1888 is recommended
 Safe auditing  Wearing protective clothing while visiting clients’ facilities is strongly advised
 Intoxication  Drinking on the premises is prohibited and smoking discouraged
 Giving back to society  
 Charity  Where possible, cultural practices are promoted
 Training  Every qualified accountant will train one fresh accountant every year
 Recycling  Old equipment is repaired and given to charity
 Child labour  Products made with child labour are shunned
 Racism  Staff is recruited from all countries without distinction to physical features
 Gender equality  All genders are treated equally
 Ethical practices  Unethical representation and certification is deeply frowned upon
 Piracy (a)  Use of unlicensed software is discouraged
 Piracy (b)  Listening or viewing pirated audio or video is not encouraged