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Project Management

Implementation of projects involves several factors and most of them are in the nature of efficient management of time and resources (implying costs) and adherence to technical parameters.

A qualified accountant is often in the best position to work out the critical path of a project, crash time schedules to save costs, re-allocate resources to achieve efficiencies and synergise departmental efficiencies.

The Verico Auditing team has been involved in implementing entire projects on behalf of clients and handing it over as a turnkey project. In doing so, they have selected all the machinery (excepting the key machinery, in which the client has expertise), almost all personnel, site layouts, locations and several decisions. Such deployment takes place over several months and can often become a tedious exercise. All, however, is well that ends well.

The implementers do not take financial responsibility of decisions, but have left a track record of always generating financial benefits for the clients involved.