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Besides providing guidance to trainee accountants, Verico Auditing also trains accountants recruited by the client.

Quite often, it is misconstrued that a commerce graduate is a good accountant. However, it is important to know that he has acquired the tools of the trade and is yet to gain expertise on using his skills.

Once employed, such ‘accountants’ will compile information to the satisfaction of the management, largely oblivious to the fact that their own limitation of accounting knowledge prohibits them from realizing that real management reporting is quite different and leads to more efficient decision-making.

Verico Auditing believes that once the needs of an accountant exceed 4 days of work per month, an organization should have its independent accounting staff. The SME has liberty in choosing the right candidate that suits the temperament of the management and whose working style matches that of the organization. Once that compatibility is established, specific and crucial accounting skills are imparted to the candidate and the organization is all set to make the best of its available resources.

There is always a risk of flight. Trained personnel are more likely to seek higher remuneration and look for greener pastures elsewhere if not rightly compensated by the organisation that trained them in the first place. However, that’s a common business risk and most businessmen take it in their stride.