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Disclaimer for contents of website

The reader of the website may please be advised that the entire contents have been personally worded by the managing partner and there hasn’t been a single incidence of plagiarism on the site.

This does not apply to external links provided on the site. However, if any incidence is identified and brought to notice, such proprietary material will be removed from the website.

While all effort has been taken to protect the sensibilities and sentiments of a broad section of people, if any inadvertent inclusion is noticed in the contents and brought to notice, it will be removed and an apology tendered to the affected section of public.

None of the information available on the website should be used for any monetary benefit. Accordingly, if such user suffers any monetary or other loss, it will not be reimbursed by the company or its management.

As mentioned in the beginning, the entire contents have been worded by the managing partner. Accordingly, the views expressed herein are his personal views and the organization, its partners and members of staff do not take any responsibility on the same. And since these are not to be applied for commercial purposes, the managing director will not be liable to defray any damages to any party.

There is no assurance on the external links being up-to-date and readers are advised to exercise caution while referring to the same.
For any matter concerning the website, the managing partner may be approached directly.